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M&R Geography-Geology
Weather & Climate

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Weather and Climate are among the greatest factors affecting human habitation of the earth.
To understand weather and climate is to understand many of the relationships that exist among countries economically, and the cultural identity of the world's regions.a
Weather and Climate derive from the interaction of the sun, water, and air.  Patterns of weather thus created can be described in terms of 'long term' recurring weather -- the climate of a place.
The first link below in an extensive discussion of the subjects of weather, climate, and several corollary factors affecting all of the earth.

Meteorology & Climatology TextBook

This site covers every aspect of weather and climate. 
It is an excellent text with everything we would want
to know about the atmosphere, weather, climate, hydrology,
and related phenomena.

Weather and Climate Websites

Climates of the World


People on Earth