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Geographer's View of the World

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The question is often asked -- what makes Geography different than other bodies of knowledge?  It seems, whatever Geography studies, another disipline studies with far more intensity.
The answer is -- Geography integrates those other bodies of knowledge and applies them to a particular place to assess its function in space, time, and relation to other places.
Other disiplines do not do that -- Geography does.

Definitions of 'Geography'

History of Geography -- Timeline

All About Geography

Geography is an incredibly vast subject -- to make the study more manageable, some Geographers use a method of study called the 5 Themes of Geography.
LOCATION  --  this tells where a place is on earth.
PLACE  --  this tells what it is like there.
HUMANS/ENVIRONMENT  --  this explains how people use the place where they live.
MOVEMENT  --  This explains the interaction of people, goods, and ideas that connect that place with other places.
REGIONS  --  this allows a broader focus by allowing similar places to be studied simultaneously -- and looks at ways places are similar and how they differ.

The 5 Themes of Geography

Geography attempts to answer the questions:
What is where?
Why is it where it is?
Why isn't it someplace else?
What will happen in one place as the result of changes someplace else?


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